Doon International School is from Nursery level to Class 12 and follows the curriculum laid down by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The course of studies is international in its scope and ambit and includes subjects like English, Hindi, Mathematics, Sciences, History, Geography, Arts and Craft, Physical Education ,Yoga ,several languages etc.
Students at the senior secondary level are offered a variety of subjects to choose from, giving the students the widest possible opportunity to specialize in their chosen areas of interest. Academic excellence remains a key area of focus for the school. The school provides all its students unrivalled opportunities to realize their full academic potential.
There are over hundred full time members of the teaching staff who are chosen not only for their own intellectual skills but also for their ability and enthusiasm in communicating them to boys and girls of all ages. The teachers are well supported by several technicians and other ancillary and administrative staff. Teachers are encouraged to be flexible and individual in their approach.
The commitment of the school to excellence in academics is reflected in the consistently outstanding performance of its students in the annual examinations conducted by the CBSE. The school students have consistently achieved 100% results in the Board exams conducted by the CBSE. The school is recognised as a Centre for Academic Excellence and a large number of students regularly clear Competitive Exams and enter reputed Universities in India and abroad.
The school academic year is from April to March, and is divided into two terms, as per the pattern prevalent in all English medium public schools in the country. Examinations may not be the true test of a child's ability, but regular classroom tests and periodic assessment at the school level are indicative of scholastic achievement. The results enable the teachers as well as students to reassess their orientation and take corrective measures, if required, to accord due attention to subjects and topics in which the child may need additional assistance.
Apart from the unit tests, results of which are intimated to parents, terminal examinations are organized twice each year. The half-yearly examinations take place in September/October while the final examinations are conducted in March every year.

The following is the schedule of the Academic year at school :
Session starts First Week of April
First term Ends Third Week of May
Summer Vacations Third week May to Mid July
Second term begins Second week July
Winter Vacations Mid December to January End
Session Ends March 31