How old is the Doon International School?
Doon International School was founded in 1993.

Is the school co-educational?
Yes. The school admits boys and girls from Nursery to Class XII.

What is the total number of students?
The student body has a strength of 2800, including 500 resident boys and girls.

What is the admission procedure?
Admission is granted on the basis of an entrance examination conducted by the school. Overseas students may be granted admission based on evidence of exceptional academic performance in their previous school. Meritorious students from good Indian Schools having a good academic record may be granted direct admission providing they provide the last two year certified marksheets from their present schools.

What is the teacher/student ratio?
The ratio is 1:22. The school is very particular that each student be provided individual care and attention at all times.

Are there any students from overseas?
Yes. The school has students from various parts of the world including North America, UK, South East Asia, Brunei, Nepal , Bhutan ,Bangladesh etc.

Is the school affiliated to any educational body in India or overseas?
The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi.

What about the academic performance of the school students?
The school students have consistently achieved 100% results in the Board exams conducted by the CBSE.The school is recognised as a Centre for Academic Excellence and a large number of students regularly clear Competitive Exams and enter reputed Univeristies in India and abroad.

How is the teaching faculty selected?
Appropriate educational qualifications, relevant experience, and a rigorous interview process are the selection criteria.

How is the teaching faculty selected?
Appropriate educational qualifications, relevant experience, and a rigorous interview process are the selection criteria.

Does the school provide additional classes/tuition for students who need help with academics?
Yes. The school organizes additional classes and tuition for children who may need extra care in any subject.

How are students of Class XII prepared for the school leaving exams?
Class XII students are provided all possible assistance by the staff. A Career Counselor also offers advice on career options available to school leaving students.

What facilities are available for games and sports?
The school students may choose from a wide option of sports and games. These include cricket, football, hockey, badminton, table tennis, basketball, athletics, horse riding and martial arts like judo etc.A team of trained coaches provides guidance to the students to enable them to excel in sports and games.

What other co-curricular activities are offered?
Other co-curricular activities include music and dance, debating, dramatics, tours and treks, excursions etc.

Does the school have adequate medical facilities?
The school has a resident medical assistant, a doctor on daily visit and several medical specialists for expert medical care and advice.

When does the school close for vacations?
The summer vacations are from Mid-May to Mid-July. The winter vacations are from mid December to late January

Are students provided facilities for travel to school after vacations or for travel to their residence for vacations?
Yes. The school organizes air and rail bookings for students. A member of the staff also escorts students and receive students at the New Delhi Airport. A school bus facility is also provided.

What is the school fee?
Detailed information is available on the website as well as in the school prospectus. The prospectus may be obtained by writing to the school admission office.

How are the academic shortcomings of the residential students addressed?
Remedial classes are held in the evenings for the subjects children are weak in.

What do the children do on the weekends?
Certain age appropriate activities are organized in the campus and students are also taken out for day trips/picnics/movies.

When do residential students go for outings? Who accompanies them?
Residential students are sent for outings once in a month and are escorted by hostel wardens/ teachers.

When can the parents meet the children?
Parents are allowed to meet their wards once a month on Sundays. Parents can also take their child on the last Saturday for a night out and drop them back by 6 pm on Sunday.

What is the mode of communication between the children and their parents?
Parents can call their wards on specific days (holidays and Sundays) at specified timings.

Does the school offer any scholarships?
Limited part-scholarships are offered to meritorious students.

How do I get in touch with the school?
You may contact the school by phone, fax or e-mail.
PHONE: 91 (135) 2656088,2658491
FAX: 91 (135) 2655392
E-MAIL: dnints@vsnl.com

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